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Eighteen Ventures' consulting services are designed to help health technology entrepreneurs achieve three things: 
( 1 ) Establish and build prosperous small businesses. 

( 2 ) Prepare responsive, successful Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I proposals and win seed grants for the development of innovative, marketable, problem solving healthcare technologies or medical devices.


( 3 ) Attract and acquire private investment growth capital from Venture Capitalists, Business Angels and Corporate Venture Capitalists.


Business Model Development

This service helps health technology entrepreneurs build a business case for their proposed creative technology solutions. Specifically, we work with clients to research and prepare a business model that demonstrates how a company plans to derive value, such as attract potential buyers, generate revenues, gain market share and earn profits, from their proposed original technology solutions.

Please contact Mr. Darrell Williams, at Darrell@Eighteenventures.com, for a copy of a completed business model prepared by Eighteen Ventures.


Business Plan Development 

The business plan is a strategic document that indicates how a health technology startup intends to execute its company's business development functions, which include marketing, management and finance, and accomplish long-term success. We work with our clients to produce a business plan that helps entrepreneurs successfully implement their business development functions, resulting in gaining market share, generating consistent revenues and reaching profitability. 

Please contact Mr. Darrell Williams, at Darrell@Eighteenventures.com, for a copy of a completed business plan prepared by Eighteen Ventures.


Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I Proposal Development

Targeting the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs, we help health technology entrepreneurs use business strategy development documents, which include market research analysis, business model and business plan, to prepare effective Phase I proposals and win seed funding grants for the development of innovative medical devices or health technology solutions.

Physician Consulting Referral Network

To help our clients succeed in acquiring a NIH or a NSF SBIR Phase I seed grant, Eighteen Ventures formed the Physician Consulting Referral Network. The Network includes experienced, knowledgeable and skillful practicing physicians who are interested in working with entrepreneurs and startups pursuing NIH or NSF SBIR seed funding grants.

This is how the network operates:

(1) Eighteen Ventures works with clients to identify their SBIR Phase I and Phase II project consulting needs. NOTE: The SBIR program allows applicants to spend 30 % of their Phase I and Phase II project budgets to hire outside consultants. 

(2) Eighteen Ventures forwards the clients a list of likely Physician candidates, from the Network, who could provide expertise and augment the project research team.

(3) Once referrals are made to the client, Eighteen Ventures notifies the potential consultants that their information was passed on to a client. We also include a summary of the proposed project and technology development area. Finally, the clients and the physicians are responsible for establishing a partnership arrangement.

Client Projects

To learn how Eighteen Ventures is helping other health technology entrepreneurs, startups and small emerging technology firms succeed, please visit our Client Projects webpage.   

Information Contact 

To learn about Eighteen Ventures' consulting services, please contact Mr. Darrell Williams today, at Darrell@Eighteenventures.com or (305) 322-2443.